Chrono Marker

An intuitive stopwatch gadget with logging function.

An intuitive stopwatch gadget with logging function.

To measure time. It can tell you how much time has passed since anything and it also works as a countdown timer. It also creates logs of stopwatch events such as starting and stopping, allowing you to quickly review when what happened.

It is a lot more intuitive and convenient. While it can't offer much more function than a stopwatch should be able to, this software backs up by having a very easy to deal with interface. Features such as multiple stopwatch creation, robust windows that can be kept on top of other windows, compact single button mode, and an editable time display, makes this gadget a lot better than most others of it's kind.

Anyone who wants to measure time spans, or counting down time. It can be used for any reason by anyone.

Chrono Marker


Chrono Marker 0.4

User reviews about Chrono Marker

  • justinellard

    by justinellard

    "Doesn't launch"

    Launching the program does nothing; no running process or anything. More.

    reviewed on June 7, 2015